Introduction of company:

Mirabad Co, a branch of Arvand, which is a manufacturer of polyethylene pipes and fittings, was launched in line with the needs of the country for polyethylene pipes in the special conomic zone of Arvand ( Abadan- khoramshar). With a total of 4 production lines, advanced machines , and experienced management , the company has been developing its products for quality and customer satisfaction. Alma has there general principles. The use of high quality raw materials.

Laboratory testing and continuous quality control of the product from the moment of material arrival to the final production.

Providing a product that meets the latest international and national standards for customer satisfaction.

The company , with a production capacity of 35000 MT per year, and experienced personnel , is able to provide customet with quality product and services.

Emprowered personnel improve the organization of key sectors and production that are effective in the company's returns. These personnel are trained in the production system that are flexible to meet the unexpected needs of customers. The Alma Quality Assurance System complies with Iso9001, 2000 standards and ISO/ TS29001:2003 standards for the production of polyethylene water and gas pipes( in accordance with CEN 1555:2002 for gas pipes and ISO/IECI 17025:2005 for testing). The tecnological and mechanical properties of polyethylene pipes and signal- layer pipes, tow – tier are always trying to improve of the company in order to meet the demand of customers at competitive prices.

Quality control:

Alma Quality Management has developed and implemented its quality objectives and programs by utilizing the standards of the day in the world and taking into account the customer's demands. Quality control and inspection at Alma Company , using the most modern wquipment of the day, the standards of ISO and DIN and standards such as IRIS in the world n the field of testing of raw materials, production of pipes according to the modern quality program on raw materials and all production on liens including production start, during IRISl's final .

All samples of the test and its results are archived and stored at the factory site, so that there is a complete result of each manufactured product.

In addition to the experiments in the factory , laboratories and other consultancy firms also control and guarantee the products of Alma.

Usually , our misters and our market follow the standards of DIN 8075 and DIN 8074 and CEN 1555. The internal standards of the factory in relation to raw materials, the testing of finished products are far beyond the standards that are currently in place. Testing and in the well- equipped laboratory of the company are carried out continuously and product safety is guaranteed. All production quality reports are kept. In these cases, the calculated imformation related to the product plus the product code is exactly provided.


1-Annual production capacity up to 50000 tons annually.

2-The use of the latest European day technology in the production of single- layer polyethylene pipe.

3- The use of European technology in the production of polyethylene fused joints.

4- The use of the most modern control devices in the production process.

5- Timely delivery and superior quality to global standards.

6- Equipped with valid laboratories approved by the industial Reserch institute of iran.

7- High speed and high output in production.

8- production of tube sizes from 16 to 1000 mm for all thicknesses of standard DIN Germany.

9- Gas pipe production up to 250 mm with approval of National Iranian Gas Company.

10- Production of double- layer joints up to 450 mm.

11- Production of fusion joints from 90 mm to 630 mm in size .

12- Contrary to the ability to produce a wide range of 10 mm to 1000 mm in accordance with German standards.

13- Having the ability to produce pipe fittings.


1-Holder of the international standard for Quality Management System ISO/ TS 9001:2008 under the auspices of the Australian Standards institute.

2-The holder of the international standard ISO/TS 29001:2010 quality management system under the Australian Standards Agency .

3- Holder of the international Standard for Quality Management System in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries ISO/TS 29001: 2007.

4- Owner of Grid A Department of Water and Soil Ministry of Agricultural Jihad.

5- Approval of the Department of Comprehensive Irriagation Supervision of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad.

6- Licensing license of the Laboratory of Accreditation from the Iranian institute of Standards.

7- Applicable standard for mandatory water marking in water, sewage and drainage applications under pressure.

8- National Iranian Standards Certificate from Iran institute of Standards and industrial Research .

9- Certificate of Certification of the Laboratory from the National Center for the Verification of iran .

10- The credential owner of the ISO/EC 17025 laboratory management system.

11- Approved by CEN 1555 and ISO/TS 29001 :2003 and ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001:2000, 2002.

12- Receiving the (Best Quality ) Award from the industial institute and Standards of iran in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002.

13- Selected Iranian Petrochemical Plant in 2002.

14- Receive the Golden Quality Award from Switizerland.

15- Membership in the Association of polyethylene pipes and Fittings Manufacturers.

16- Membership in the pipe industry, fittings and valves.